Athlete Specific Training

This program is designed to take young athletes to the next level. These athletes show a noticeable desire to win, push themselves, and get noticed. We can work one-on-one, or with a group in this class.

In this program, athletes learn the fundamental movements of the 3 main components of fitness – strength training, conditioning.


The movements that we focus on the 10 Domains of Fitness: ENDURANCE, STAMINA, STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY, POWER, SPEED, COORDINATION, AGILITY, BALANCE, and ACCURACY. These 10 domains of fitness are essential for excelling in all sports. 



Team Specific Training

We take team-sports training very seriously - the team dynamic is important so we can help encourage and strengthen the team bond. In doing so, we get the team strong, fit and ready for the next game.



We run camps year-round, so be sure to keep up with our website and social media pages. For example, when kids are on Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, and Summer vacation from school, we have a program to keep them busy and fit.