"Iron Sharpens Iron.”

Corey McEldowney

Owner, Program Director

Corey McEldowney’s entire life has always revolved around sports, and because of the overwhelmingly positive affect they’ve had on his life, he wants to pass that passion on to younger generations – future athletes and leaders. He firmly believes that participation in sports helps kids gain leadership skills, teaches them to work well with others, gain confidence, and become a well-rounded human being, which ultimately establishes a firm foundation for a successful life.


Corey went to Lumen Christi high school, in Jackson, Michigan, where he was captain of his football and basketball teams.  He graduated from Grand Valley State University (GVSU) with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Physical Education, Emphasis on Sports Management & Leadership, AND a Business minor.  


While attending GVSU, Corey advanced from Student Scout to Student Coach for the women’s basketball team. He designed the team’s strength & conditioning program, and analyzed game film to assist in the players’ development. During this time, he gained insight into what college scouts look for while selecting players for team scholarships. He is always willing to share his knowledge with the kids he coaches.


After college, Corey worked as a CrossFit & Strength coach at a gym in his hometown. He then began working with high school teams. Over the course of four years, he trained countless college athletes, as well as younger kids who just wanted to be better prepared for their upcoming season. 


His programming appeals to a “competitors will” that helps kids gain the self-confidence necessary to having that leading-edge in sports and beyond.


"Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard.”

Jason Swafford

Owner, Coach


Jason grew up in Dearborn, Michigan and has been playing and coaching basketball his entire life. He is passionate about how sports relates to every aspect of life, and wants to share that knowledge with the people he coaches.


He truly believes that kids will benefit from their experiences in sports, while he coaches them to play hard, have fun, and – if all goes well – WIN! Most importantly, though, He intends to teach the value of hard work, the importance of discipline, the art of leadership, and the effectiveness of being an “all-in” team player.


Jason graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in Psychology. These days, he is a Senior VP of Technology at Cengage Learning, and in his off-hours, he owns and operates Northville Athletix – a well-loved gym in downtown Northville, Michigan. He coaches classes at the gym, as well as coaching youth basketball for the Plymouth-Canton Force travel teams.

As part of his plan to expand and coach the next generation of skilled athletes and future leaders, Jason and his business partner, Corey McEldowney, are now opening the doors to the Northville Athletix gym with a new program: The Michigan Sports Performance Academy. This new program aims to train top athletes to stay ahead of the competition.