As parents, coaches and sports team/organization coordinators we have a lot to think about when it comes to youth athletics and it can be complicated and at times overwhelming. 


  1. Safety - At the top of the list is that we put the well-being and safety of the ​athletes in our lives first

    Life Balance - Next, we want to maximize our time and our kids time, making sure that we have a good school, social, training and sports balance.

  2. Results - Finally, when we do commit our time, energy and money to a program we want to be sure that we are going to get good value form the programs that we put our youth athletes in.

At Michigan Sports Performance Academy we  are committed to developing and delivering safe, effective sports performance training that doesn't break the bank while being flexible to and conscious of  busy and complicated schedules.   

Industry Trends You Should Know about

The high school level is one of the fastest-growing segments of the strength & conditioning field. Parents and Coaches looking for training for their athletes is at an all-time high.


Unfortunately, the explosion of demand has often resulted in well meaning people training our kids that lack knowledge and experience to meet our 3 principles - Safety, Life Balance, Results.  You have everyone from overzealous parents to sports coaches thinking they know how to train athletes, and the kids simply aren’t getting what they deserve.

Unfortunately, this often translates into over-training the athletes, wasting their time and energy, or putting them in dangerous situations.

Start With Our Mission

Michigan Sports Performance Academy was created to not just train youth athletes but also and more importantly, educate and inform the community about proper training techniques – to ensure that every coach has the foundational knowledge to give their athletes the very best training programs available.

We want to empower all athletes to reach their full potential, whether that means simply making a high school team or moving on to the next level to play in college.

It’s about helping athletes build confidence, strength, balance and awareness. We aim to develop skills that they will take with them and use for the rest of their lives.

Working with youth athletes is about getting results, but it's also about making a positive impact that will last a lifetime.

What is MSPA's Train2Play System?

  1. Train2Play is our revolutionary approach to Long Term Athletic Development.  We believe that all training is cumulative.  Much like investing in the stock market, starting early and being consistent pays dividends throughout life.  Train2Play is a compressive training program that is cumulative and compounding.   

  2. Mechanics first - everything starts with mechanics.  Teaching proper technique early and often is an absolute must.  I cannot tell you how often I've grimaced at the videos of young athletes doing things in the gym that are unsafe which is terrible but also do not translate into sports performance in any measurable way.  The Train2Play meets each athlete where they are and we do not advance them beyond to increased weight or intensity until they show the ability to handle it.  To illustrate, often times you will see a group of 7 to 10 athletes training together as a team however you will see significant variation in the weight being used or the pace at which the athletes are moving.   


Strength & Power

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Speed & Agility

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Mobility for Performance

  • Lower Body Mobility

  • Upper Body Mobility

  • Complete Warm Ups.